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SliTaz GNU/Linux Cooking 20080716 (1 CD)


Christophe Lincoln announced a new beta (called Cooking) release of SliTaz GNU/Linux, perhaps the smallest desktop distribution on earth: "So, we released a new Cooking version with a lot of improvement from 1.0. SliTaz use Openbox has default Window manager and Obconf to configure it graphically, update to Kernel with build-in support for XFS and wifi through the packages manager. The desktop avec icons, Packages can now be managed through the graphical Packages Manager Tazpkgbox. The image ISO of 28.6 MB provides also MPlayer, Notecase, Lua, Hardinfo, many updates and more than 200 packages added to the repository. SliTaz can now also boot from the Internet! Web boot for everyone with gPXE and http://boot.slitaz.org/.

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